Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery?

Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery

Do you also think that polished concrete floors are slippery as others? You’re not alone because many people think that floors with shiny finishes are slippery and you can’t walk on them without sliding. But that’s not always true! Polished concrete floors may look very smooth, like glass, but surprisingly, they aren’t slippery when wet.

People don’t prefer slippery floors in their homes because when there are older adults, kids, or people with physical disabilities living in a home, the possibility of slipping and falling increases on wet bathroom floors.

The popularity of commercial polished concrete floors has grown significantly in recent years. Although polished concrete floors provide some grip even when saturated, it’s necessary to avoid leaving standing water on them for too long. Additionally, you can take practical steps to improve the slip resistance of your polished concrete surfaces. So, without wasting time, go through the below tips.

Tips for Improving Slip-Resistance of Polished Concrete

When people think, is polished concrete slippery? Everyone considers polished concrete as their own choice. If some believe this is slippery, here is guidance on slip resistance. By following the lower tips, you can surely save yourself from slipping.

  • Enhance the traction of your polished concrete floors by applying a sealer coat that contains grit additives. These additives are mixed into the sealer before application, providing a better grip without affecting the polished appearance.
  • Use an anti-slip conditioner on your polished concrete floors. The components in these conditioners improve grasp and make slippery surfaces safer. Simply mop them onto the floor during regular cleaning, and remember to reapply periodically.
  • To prevent accidents, promptly clean up any oil, grease, or water spills and establish a regular maintenance routine because it will save you time and money.
  • Place rubber mats or area rugs in busy spots like entryways to stop slipping. Whatever tip suits you, make sure to apply it appropriately.

Why Cleaning is Essential for Polished Concrete Floors

To clear the confusion on is polished concrete slippery when wet, keeping your polished concrete floors clean is crucial, whether slippery when moist or not. Pollution on the floors significantly leads to trips, slips, and falls. Do you know dirty floors are more likely to cause a slip or fall accident as compared to clean floors? In fact, a well-prepared surface can become slippery, wet, or dry if not properly maintained.

If you want to improve safety and aesthetics in your commercial or industrial setting, residential polished concrete floors might be just the thing. We provide fast and reliable services to fulfill your requirements for ornamental design, epoxy coating, and custom designs.

Polished Concrete Floors Suitable for the Domestic Environment

People are so conscious about home flooring that’s why they ask again & again are polished concrete floors slippery. In houses, polished concrete floors can have a highly polished finish, known as “grit,” which provides enough grip when dry. This is generally safe for homes because spills are less common and quickly cleaned up. It’s ideal for living areas, hallways, and bedrooms. Just like stone floors, they offer similar resistance to slipping.

If you need a higher level of resistance to slip, the surface of the polished concrete can be honed to provide a better grip. This type of finish is more suitable for areas like bathrooms or kitchens with a higher chance of water or oil coming from the floor.

In wet room environments, you should use an external polished concrete finish or an anti-slip coating to ensure safety and avoid slippery accidents.

Final Words

So, what you’ve decided after reading this blog are polished concrete floors slipper?

As we all know, polishing the surface offers easy cleaning, enhances its beauty, and increases the floor’s hardness. Moreover, it allows for the addition of colors and a glossy texture for an extra stylish finish.

However, similar to other flooring options, chemicals, and oil spills can reduce the friction on a polished concrete floor, making it potentially unsafe. If you require flooring for commercial use or an oil extract plant, it is advisable to opt for a flooring type that provides a robust and chemically resistant coating.

Hopefully, with the above knowledge, you get your answer on is polished concrete slippery or not.


How do you make polished concrete floors less slippery?

Regular dust-free cleaning is vital to maintain a non-slip surface on your polished concrete, even when wearing shoes. If you have grind and seal flooring, a variant of polished concrete, a non-slip grit, or an additive can be incorporated into the topcoat of the sealer. It enhances slip resistance further and reduces the risk of slipping.

Can polished concrete be made nonslip?

Yes, polished concrete can be made non-slip by incorporating specific measures. It includes using anti-slip conditioners, placing absorbent rugs or mats in areas prone to moisture, and ensuring regular cleaning to prevent contaminants that could reduce friction. These steps can significantly improve the slip resistance of polished concrete surfaces.

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