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We offer stained concrete floors, tinted concrete floorsepoxy, concrete grind and seal, and concrete resurfacing for business clients in Austin.

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Don't Replace It, Resurface It: Commercial Stained Concrete Floors

With years of experience installing commercial concrete floors, we specialize in our unique resurfacing process over pre-existing concrete, stamping, staining, or polishing concrete floors in prestigious reception areas, offices, salons, restaurants, and retail buildings where low maintenance, ease of care, and durability are crucial. We can create personalized logos in various colors, finishes, and designs for your branding materials.

Decorative Concrete Solutions, specializes in grind and seal, commercial stained concrete for retail, dye and stained concrete, epoxy coatings, concrete preparation/resurfacing, and coating removal.

Call us now if you’re an architect, business owner, or property manager interested in a concrete flooring system, or email us your requirements. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in meeting your concrete flooring goals on schedule and within budget.

Benefits Of Stained Concrete Commercial Properties

Low Maintenance

Concrete that has been stained has a smooth surface that is simple to maintain. Your concrete flooring will require a sweep and mop, with a moist mop every so often

Attractive Finish

With concrete stain, an average concrete slab is transformed into an opulent, aesthetically pleasing flooring surface that resembles far more expensive

Cost Effectiveness

Applying concrete stain is a cost-effective flooring option, especially for big spaces such as those in industrial plants or sizable commercial structures.


The fact that concrete stains will not chip, fade, or peel makes them incredibly durable.

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A Sleek And Modern Twist On Your Traditional Concrete Floors

Our stamp patterns, ideal for restaurants and businesses, resemble slate, stone, brick, and wood plank. For concrete patios and courtyards, we specialize in constructing concrete to look like genuine flagstone or cobblestone using a hand-cut and custom-colored technique. Our numerous stain options and application methods also produce distinctive aesthetics that fit your brand. Most of our projects are overlaying, meaning they go more quickly, with less downtime, and for less money than other materials.

commercial stained concrete floors
commercial stained concrete floors

Elevate Your Home And Business With Commercial Stained Concrete That Impress

A fantastic option for industrial flooring is commercial stained concrete floors. The popularity of concrete flooring is rising, and it is simple to understand why. Using contemporary staining processes, you may turn your concrete slab into long-lasting, lovely flooring. Over the years, stained concrete has been used more frequently in retail establishments, offices, restaurants, and industrial facilities because it offers various design alternatives to make your business stand out. Your floor can be stained to convey your company’s beliefs, complement your brand, or be more subdued.

Businesses are adopting stained concrete for various reasons, not only design possibilities. Stain concrete is one of the most challenging flooring options available. Concrete staining’s densification process hardens your slab to prevent chips, splits, and stains. Your stained concrete floor will outlast all other flooring options if appropriately kept.

Types Of Commercial Concrete Stains

Acid-based concrete staining: We apply an acid that seeps into the concrete and interacts with it to create lovely, organic patterns. The stain penetrates the top layer of concrete, causing a chemical reaction that changes the floor.

Water-based Dyes: Your concrete floors’ top layer is colored with dyes that are painted on it. Water-based staining offers a broader range of hues, possibilities, and outcomes.

The result is as excellent if you stain your floor in one color to keep things simple. You may stain your floor to resemble other flooring materials like wood, tile, or marble.

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For years, Austin, Texas, has relied on Decorative Concrete Solutions as a top commercial stained concrete for retail.

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joey perez
joey perez
Saul and his team did a great job on my floors. Highly recommend them. Not only good workmanship but very easy to work with. Thank you for a job well done!
Raghu Rapaka
Raghu Rapaka
I am thoroughly impressed by Saul and team’s service. We got a grey epoxy flooring. The team showcased their expertise delivering a sleek and durable finish. Excellent communication, attention to detail, and timely completion make this service highly recommended.
Leena Madala
Leena Madala
Saul and his team did an amazing job with our garage. They were prompt, responsive, on time and effective
michael eisenhauer
michael eisenhauer
Not only are these guys pleasant to be around they do a fantastic job from start to finish. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to give their garage a fresh and amazing look ! Thank you for the great work guys !
moaz abolea
moaz abolea
I had some cracks in my garage floor and was looking for a solution that would be both durable and cost-effective. I was really impressed with the quality of work this company provided. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of epoxy concrete repair services!
Alyssa Elwood
Alyssa Elwood
WOW!! Night and day difference for our patio! Before and after pictures posted here. Saul made the process so easy, stress free and fun. He even went out of his way to find blue flakes to add that match our house, to make our desired look really pop. Nicest guy ever and does amazing work- HIGHLY recommend!
masumeh kateb
masumeh kateb
I recently needed concrete work done on my project in Austin, TX and had heard great things about concrete service. I decided to give them a try and am so glad that I did! The crew was fast, professional, and the work they did looks amazing. If you're in the Austin area and need concrete services, definitely check out Decorative Concrete Solution!
Josh R
Josh R
Saul and his team were amazing. The floor is beautiful, and the process was super easy and smooth. We're extremely happy with the quality that Decorative Concrete Solution has provided to us. Highly recommended, and the price was very competitive.
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis
Saul and his crew did a wonderful job on our garage! Saul was very professional and so easy to work with. I would highly recommend Decorative Concrete Solutions.
Michy Rodriguez
Michy Rodriguez
High quality job! DCS was quick to respond to my inquiry and we love our garage floor ! so amazing the kind of work this company does !! If you want the best epoxy floor contact DCS!