Take Your Polished Concrete Austin, Tx To New Level

Are you seeking a practical approach to update the polish concrete floors in Austin, Texas, in your industrial building, waiting room, or retail space? Think about having them high-gloss polished. In addition to attracting the aesthetic appeal of your area, concrete polishing strengthens and increases the durability of your floors.

From Expansive Polished Concrete Floors In High-End Residential Buildings To Expansive Commercial Spaces And Industrial Facilities.

In Austin, polished concrete floor options are provided by Decorative Concrete Solution. For examples of polished concrete in residential buildings, restaurants, car showrooms, retail establishments, office buildings, big industrial warehouses, and other settings, visit Projects.

Polished Concrete Austin, TX, a Dust-Free Scene

Decorative Concrete Solutions has been installing polish concrete floors in Austin, Texas. Decorative Concrete Solutions specializes in polished concrete for brand-new residential construction, restorations, and commercial projects.

As one of the nation’s most prominent residential polished concrete floor installers, we have created a unique concrete polishing technique that satisfies the exacting standards of a luxury building.

Many well-known industry veterans with experience in installation, product development, and material manufacture work for us. To provide approved facilities, we happily collaborate with numerous material producers.

Our customers install polished concrete floors to lessen waste and environmental effects. To uphold this promise, we run our facilities entirely on renewable energy, use electric vehicles whenever practical, and buy carbon credits to make up for the greenhouse gas emissions from our other vehicles.

Why Choose Polished Concrete Floor Over Carpet, Tile, Or Hardwood?

Because it was affordable and easy to install, the carpet was the preferred flooring option. However, because it attracted allergens and, quite plainly, the carpet wasn’t very hygienic, its appeal soon began to wane. Due to regular wear and tear, the carpet also needs significant upkeep and needs to be replaced every few years. For hygienic reasons and durability, wood and tile solutions have long been preferred to the carpet. However, they are expensive and take a long time to install. Wood or tile installation could require several weeks, depending on square footage, but our Austin staff can polish your concrete floors in only a few days!

Because your concrete slab is poured in the early phases, polished concrete floors may be installed much more quickly because the basis is already there.

Polished Concrete Austin, Tx, can survive up to 100 years or more with the proper upkeep and care. They are highly durable and long-lasting.

polish concrete floors in Austin, Texas, are easy to clean with a broom, soap, and water and don’t retain allergens as carpets may. Not any harsh chemicals.

Polished concrete floors are substantially less expensive than other types of flooring, especially when upkeep and longevity are considered.

Limestone is one of the most prevalent minerals on Earth and is used to make a polished concrete floor. They are a director contributor to a LEED-certified building that is VOC-free.

Professionally polished concrete resists stains and lacks intrusive grout lines that could collect dirt and debris. With just pure soap and water, they are simple to clean.

Polished concrete in Austin, Tx, is more slip-resistant than tile and wood flooring despite their rich luster and gloss, making them a superb option for whole-house installation.
Following tile and wood as the least environmentally friendly flooring options is undoubtedly carpet. Polished concrete floors are the most resilient and long-lasting alternative for flooring. Ask one of our knowledgeable concrete flooring consultants for assistance if you need help justifying or selecting the flooring option that best fits your needs!

Ask one of our knowledgeable concrete flooring consultants for help if you’re having difficulties deciding which flooring is best for your requirements!

A Sustainable Building Choice

Due to its active housing market and robust economic climate, Austin has been ranked as the second-best city in Texas. The need for more sustainable building materials is more pronounced than ever due to increased home construction and an increase in the proportion of Millennial first-time homebuyers.

In many houses and workplaces, polished concrete floors are the preferred flooring option, especially in Austin and its “green” neighborhoods.

Chosen By Builders And Contractors

Environmentally aware builders, frugal homeowners, and those on a tight budget choose polished concrete floors.

18-Month Price Lock

Regardless of supply chain hiccups or market shifts, your price is fixed for 18 months.

Reduced Downtime

Our teams collaborate with your contractors to speed up construction by an average of two weeks.

Unsurpassed Value

Most floorings cost $3 to $4 per square foot, which is as little as 20% less than what white oak floors cost.

High Homeowner Demand

According to a 2020 MLS research, polished concrete flooring was mentioned more often than any other kind of flooring available.

Industrial-Grade Durability

Polished concrete floor offer unrivaled durability and are more potent than any other type of flooring since they were designed to fit the discerning aesthetics of luxury houses.

Reduced Warranty Work

Even with low-maintenance, polished concrete resists stains, scratches, and water damage, reducing the need for warranty repairs.


joey perez
joey perez
Saul and his team did a great job on my floors. Highly recommend them. Not only good workmanship but very easy to work with. Thank you for a job well done!
Raghu Rapaka
Raghu Rapaka
I am thoroughly impressed by Saul and team’s service. We got a grey epoxy flooring. The team showcased their expertise delivering a sleek and durable finish. Excellent communication, attention to detail, and timely completion make this service highly recommended.
Leena Madala
Leena Madala
Saul and his team did an amazing job with our garage. They were prompt, responsive, on time and effective
michael eisenhauer
michael eisenhauer
Not only are these guys pleasant to be around they do a fantastic job from start to finish. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to give their garage a fresh and amazing look ! Thank you for the great work guys !
moaz abolea
moaz abolea
I had some cracks in my garage floor and was looking for a solution that would be both durable and cost-effective. I was really impressed with the quality of work this company provided. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of epoxy concrete repair services!
Alyssa Elwood
Alyssa Elwood
WOW!! Night and day difference for our patio! Before and after pictures posted here. Saul made the process so easy, stress free and fun. He even went out of his way to find blue flakes to add that match our house, to make our desired look really pop. Nicest guy ever and does amazing work- HIGHLY recommend!
masumeh kateb
masumeh kateb
I recently needed concrete work done on my project in Austin, TX and had heard great things about concrete service. I decided to give them a try and am so glad that I did! The crew was fast, professional, and the work they did looks amazing. If you're in the Austin area and need concrete services, definitely check out Decorative Concrete Solution!
Josh R
Josh R
Saul and his team were amazing. The floor is beautiful, and the process was super easy and smooth. We're extremely happy with the quality that Decorative Concrete Solution has provided to us. Highly recommended, and the price was very competitive.
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis
Saul and his crew did a wonderful job on our garage! Saul was very professional and so easy to work with. I would highly recommend Decorative Concrete Solutions.
Michy Rodriguez
Michy Rodriguez
High quality job! DCS was quick to respond to my inquiry and we love our garage floor ! so amazing the kind of work this company does !! If you want the best epoxy floor contact DCS!